Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Workshop at Flutterby Crafts

As promised, here are some pics from Saturday's Canvas Workshop at Flutterby Crafts.  We had a fabulous day, the ladies created some gorgeous work and really enjoyed playing with the paint and getting stuck in.   Huge thanks to Lynn and Catherine for all their help and hard work and for always making me feel so welcome.  I had such a great time : D

Butterflies for Flutterby's
Beautiful colour combination
Playtime ....
Stunning travel theme ...
Who needs brushes .... ?

Finished ....

I'm at Flutterby Crafts again on Saturday 11th May where we shall be creating this canvas.  If you would like to come along and play with paint, get in touch with Lynn at Flutterby Crafts on 01635 860900.

Workshop Project - Sat 11th May

Until next time, happy painting ...

Liz x

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