Thursday, 26 April 2012


Ooops!  Very late this week, I seemed to have lost a day somewhere!!  So apologies to Julia over at The Stamping Ground for my lateness and I look forward to catching up with lots of lovely crafty desks over the next few days.  Oh and huge hellos and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to pop in and say hello.

So, the reason for my tardiness ... 'THE' toybox!  At last it is finished ... hooray!!  As some of you WOYWW-ers have asked to see final pics, here they are ...

The three characters are mouldings on the box, the clown had fallen off so needed re-sticking, but meant he was easier to paint beforehand!  I had to do a bit of repair work with the tie and some of the balancing balls and juggling balls and made new ones out of Milliput!

So not much else to report this week!  I've put some new bits and pieces in the Shop, but will tell you about that another day.

Thanks so much for visiting my desk and ... happy painting ...


Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So, here we are again ...

Welcome to all you WOYWW-ers and Happy Wet Wednesday (well here in the UK anyway!).  I'm running late this week and have only just got around to taking pics.  DS is back at school so there's been more time to play ... although not necessarily in the Studio!!!

First up ... the toybox!  Almost finished now, just a bit of tinkering and varnish and it's all ready to go home.  I've really enjoyed doing it and it's taught me a lot about patience .... grrrrrrr..... lol!  The clown still needs to be stuck on ... will need darling hubby's assistance with this one I think!

I've had a bit of a re-shuffle this week!  I have 2 freestanding tables which I use for my classes and tend to leave them as a big square and work on the whole table, moving around from project to project (know that feeling?).  I then have a rapid clear up on Weds evening in preparation for my regular Thursday morning class!   Well, this week, because I placed the toybox on one of the tables so I could get to it easily, I split the tables up and placed one up against the wall, so I had somewhere else to work.  I actually quite like it, but unfortunately will still need to clear it and move it back each weds evening .... !  I think my Thursday regulars will have heart failure I start moving things around, it was bad enough when I painted the walls!!  Ahhh love 'em really!  

So here is my new (temporary) desk!  Usual neat piles of 'stuff' and some ceramic coasters for the shop that are a work in progress.  For those of you who visited last week, the 'horse' panel is still there, peeking out from underneath that pile on the left... still a 'work in progress'!!!  Thinking about it, that describes me really well!  Perhaps, when the time comes, I should have that put on the headstone!  

Anyway, it's been fun, and looking forward to catching up with all you WOYWW-ers.  If you still think I'm bonkers and haven't a clue what I'm talking about, check out the ultra-talented Julia at The Stamping Ground (

Until next time ... happy painting ...

Liz x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shopping Bag Workshop

Hi All

Just to let you know that I am running a one-day workshop to design and create a unique canvas bag, which can be used for shopping, or with the holiday season around the corner, a beach bag!  This fun project involves using Jo Sonja's Acrylic Paints & Mediums and a range of serviettes to create something unique and functional!  Choose your own designs, add colour and embellishments and make it truly your own creation.  No-one else will have one like it!

It will be held at the Hertfordshire Craft Collective ( at Battlers Green Farm, Radlett on Wednesday 27th June 2012.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me for more details.

Happy painting ...


Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Ok, so it's Wednesday again ... didn't that week go quickly!!  Probably because I've spent most of the time browsing around some of the fabulous WOYWW sites hosted by Julia at The Stamping Ground, what a fantastically talented bunch they all are.  Thanks to everyone for sharing and special thanks to those who visited me too : )

So, what's been happening chez moi this week????

Firstly, THE desk ...


This is the large table that I usually work at (but I have a class tomorrow so guess what I'm going to be doing today ...!)  The panel on the right is a work-in-progress, something I've been wanting to do for a while, a piece of artwork about my horse featuring lots of fab techniques, including image transfer cos I've now got a super-duper laser printer!!!!  

I've made a start on the toybox, the clown will have to be re-stuck on, but boy was he easier to paint than the other two!  Once the mouldings are finished, I can seal them and continue with the main part of the box.  

And just for fun ...

... my first 'stab' at Zentangle (although I've been doing this for years on the back of envelopes, diary pages etc etc and never knew it had a name!!) so huge thanks to the world of WOYWWers for sharing!!

That's me for now ... happy painting ...


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


.... WHAT?  I hear you saying ....

As promised yesterday, a new Wednesday game!  If you trip over to The Stamping Ground you will find 'What's On Your Workspace Wednesday 148' which is todays visit to everybody's desks with sneaky peeks on all their projects.  Because I'm extremely forgetful about taking and posting pics, I thought this would be a fun way to keep you all posted on what I'm doing ... well, we'll just see how it goes shall we?

Anyway, this week's offerings ...

So this is my desk ... all neatly arranged in piles which means it's things I should be working on and, as I've nowhere else to put them, if they stare me in the face long enough ... you get the gist!   The items on the left-hand side are all the bits and pieces for a project for Andy Skinner's Timeworn Techniques workshop, which I am hoping to get finished in time!  Top left are some items for painting/embellishing and sending to my good pal Lynn at Flutterby Crafts for display and the lovely piece of hessian on the side to include in projects too.  The glass jars I definitely have plans for ..... *cough* sometime soon!

I would love to use my desk as a 'desk' but it just becomes a dumping ground and I tend to work at a big table that I use for my workshops so I can spread myself out and because I need to clear up for my students.  So this pic is a couple of items of 'work in progress' ...

The main one being the toybox which is a commission and needs repair in places, and repainting.  I have been matching colours and photographing it so I'm looking forward to getting going on this one over the next couple of days.  The items on top are some storage boxes, candles and jars which I have been dabbling with for the shop and are in various stages of completion (ish).  

So, that's it for me this week.  Thanks for visiting and I look forward to sharing some more 'workspace' pics next week.

Until then and if not before, happy painting ...


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blogging from Brighton ...

Hi All

I've just noticed it's been 2 weeks since my last confession ... oops sorry I mean 'blog'!!!  Outrageous!  Don't go thinking I've been lazing around painting my nails ... (now there's an idea!) I have actually been veerrrrry busy in the studio but just haven't actually got around to taking any pics to show you!  So, I've decided to join in a great 'Wednesday' game that I've discovered amongst fellow bloggers which I will share with you tomorrow ... you'll just have to be patient a little longer.

In the meantime, I did manage to get out of the studio and had a lovely day in Brighton yesterday visiting family and browsing around the North Laine, Lanes, East Street, Duke Street and all the fabulous quirky shopping areas.  Everyone else bought something except me!!!!  I saw some gorgeous things but just couldn't make a decision ... hubby is delighted of course!  I'm sure I'll make up for it another time.  Anyway, I thought I'd share this pic with you ... a fabulous mural on the side of a shop ... enjoy.

Until next time, happy painting ... nails or otherwise : )

Liz x