Monday, 25 February 2013

Through the Wardrobes ...

... Well not quite 'through' but it has a kind of Narnia theme to it ... intrigued?  Well you'll just have to read on ....

For some time I have been wanting to paint a range of fitted wardrobes in our spare room.  They are quite old, but functional, so worth a little bit of TLC.  I had a dilemma though (and I'm sure most of you can sympathise with this one), what happens if I paint it and then don't like it!!!!!!  It can be scary painting something so permanent, but in the end I just told myself that if I really didn't like it, I could just paint over it!  And if that didn't work ... well, we could always move!!!!

So I set to work with a great range of chalk paint called 'Annie Sloan' which has been manufactured specifically for furniture painting.  No need to prep or prime, just go for it!  They have a gorgeous range of colours that blend well together, for this project I used Old Ochre and Country Grey and then to add a little interest I decided on the Narnia theme and hand-painted branches in Old White on the panels.  My son loved it (and it takes some doing to impress a teenager!!) and decided he wants the same done to his wardrobe in his bedroom!  He said it reminded him of Lord of the Rings, but I prefer the Narnia theme myself!  I finished it by waxing with clear wax and then because the wood was old and quite worn in places, I added an aged appearance with dark wax.

So here is the finished article ...

Needless to say the rest of the room needed painting, so whilst hubby was watching the rugby at the weekend I set to work on the walls, just plain old magnolia but fantastically easy with a Dulux Paintpod!  And because I couldn't stop .... I also painted another wardrobe,  the curtain rail, a stool and a laundry basket!!  Phew!  The problem now is that it highlights all the other rooms that need painting .... oh dear !!!!!

Until next time ... happy painting!

Liz x

PS I purchased my paints from Lavender Blue in St Albans who are Annie Sloan stockists.

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  1. I have been going back in time in your blog originally coming from Julia's Stamping blog, WOYWW. This transformation is beautiful! I love your Narnia feeling. Really beautiful work. Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.


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