Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Hi All

It's that time of the week again and what a lovely couple of days we have had!  Keep it to yourself but I think that Summer may have arrived ... shush .... ; )  It's been lovely having the studio door open again! 

I must confess I had a little tidy up before I took the photo this week ... trust me, it wasn't pretty!  But I'm working on a couple of mdf panels for a very good friend of mine to feature her beloved dogs and horse, so watch this space for the finished pieces!!  Top left is my new ribbon storage : )  Somebody last week (and I'm so sorry because I really can't remember who it was, but thank you) was talking about how they organised their ribbons, and it suddenly occurred to me that they really are no good at all stuck in a box where I can't see them!  So hopefully I'll get into the habit of using them now ...

The inspiration for my 'animal collages' was my own that I finally managed to complete after shuffling it around the studio for the past 6 months, having completely lost my way with it!  I'm really pleased how it's turned out, it's all about my gorgeous Jack, a Welsh Sec D horse who I've had for 11 years and is like my other child!  I might have to do one for Buster now!

So, that's me for this week!  Pop over to Julia's ( for a good nosey ... oops I mean 'an inspiring and motivating observation' ... on what everyone else is doing ...

Sorry to say that I won't be able to play next week as I'm off on a 3-day Jo Sonja's product training workshop with  the legendary Vicki Nicholson from Australia ... I can't wait!  I shall miss my blog-hopping but a HUGE thank you to everyone who visits and thank you all for your lovely comments, they are sooooo appreciated : ).   I didn't manage to get around very many last week (tut tut), so will try and do better this week .... 

Happy WOYWW and happy painting ...



  1. Hi Liz, your work desk is certainly very tidy. I love your ribbon holder, but I would need more than .... as I love ribbons and cannot stop buying them. I love your page,the colours are so vibrant. Have a lovely day. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxxx

  2. great ribbon holder
    have a fab woyww
    kay #33

  3. Your animal collage is fabulous! You are so right that ribbon stuffed in a box doesn't get used. I love your storage solution for it! I have to say that would drive my young cat mad and she'd have them splayed all about it no time.

  4. Your desk looks fab and intriguing. You have some great storage too. Take care & enjoy WOYWW, hoping your Thursday is a lovely one! Zo xx 80

  5. lovely tidy desk... your page is simply stunning fantastic colors... Hugs May x x x#30

  6. Ribbon seems to be one of those things that people have the most issues/ideas for storing, lol! I LOVE ribbon and have way more than I will ever use and keep buying more, lol!!!! Lovely collage! Enjoy the training.

    Jeannie #75

  7. Hi Liz, I am glad that there are a couple of people still doing the rounds! Your ribbon holder is fantastic and I do love your collage, so many different elements to draw the eye in, it's lovely. Thanks for your visit and hopefully see you week after next. Anne x

  8. Thanks for stopping by my very messy work table (#178). Your work space is so nicely tidy. We share a love of horses. My Buffy is 29 years young; he's a buckskin colored quarter horse. 'Bye...Charlotte

  9. Thanks for stopping by my crafty space. Yours looks great, i am sure you will use your ribbon now that it is visible. Thats how I am, if I don't see it I forget about it. Jack is gorgeous! Love that blaze on his forehead. I was one of those "horse girls", wanted one so badly but never got one. Lucky you! Barb

  10. Love your animal collage and goodluck on the Jo sonias course how awesome.

    Eliza #49

  11. Liz, your collage is absolutely lovely! I think you will find yourself using your ribbons a lot more this way--this is how I have most of my ribbon spools and it is so convenient! Have a wonderful week, and thanks so much for visiting me as well!


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