Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WOYWW 152 ...

Hi All

Here we are again ... and where did that week go?  I can't believe we're in May already, even though the weather would have us believe it's still February!   So it might be a bit wet and mis where you are, but staying indoors has its advantages ... more time for painting ... yay!!!!

Since the toybox has been reunited with it's happy owner, there has been a bit of a hole in the studio!  So before I fill it up again, I decided that I need to go through a few boxes of 'stuff' and have a clear out.  The problem here is that the stuff that needs to be 'cleared out' are projects that have gone a bit wrong or I don't like and I keep thinking that I'll just go back to them and re-do them .... and of course I never get around to it!  Hence, boxes of 'stuff' which I no longer like or need but can't quite get rid of ... arrrrghhhhhh!  I need help!  

I'm sure this dilemma will be around for a while so in the meantime I've been trying to get a few bits and pieces finished for the shop ...

The trugs are painted with a distressed finish and string glued to the handle.  The same technique has been used for the bin and step too.  The hearts and stars are waiting for some quotes, images and string and they'll be good to go.  The little terracotta pots are there ready for painting ... they are so nice to paint with acrylics so I'm looking forward to getting started on those.  Which reminds me, I should really get back to some of my other 'UFO's (Unfinished Objects) ....

Hope you're all having a great week, whatever the weather!  Huge thanks as always to the talented Julia ( for hosting this desk-hopping, blog-fest.  It's amazing fun and great to see all the different things that everyone is doing.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and particularly for your lovely comments while sharing the toy-box journey with me!

Until next time ... happy painting

Liz x


  1. I love the thugs...perfect for the kitchen window sill filled with herbs!

  2. Hi Liz you have a lot of lovely projects on the go. Fab colours and I really like the font you are using. I have lots of UFOs too!!! WOYWW Hugs Helen 64

  3. Love the look of what you are doing!!your projects look fab! Hugs trace x 40

  4. Ah yes, I've got a few of those projects and things lying limbo...trash or treasure? Great stuff going on here though, I would love to see the boxes when you are finished! Happy WOYWW #130

  5. The little trugs have turned out well. As for the other stuff my room is littered with abandoned projects - I need help too!!TFS your workspace today, Cindy #65

  6. Oh I know what you mean about the UF projects - I have a box of what I call 'work in progress' except it never seems to be 'in progress'!! Love your workspace - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  7. What gorgeous items, love the string handles. I have a few ufos around the place and should really start finishing some of them. Hugs, amanda #123

  8. Looks like fun, Liz--happy painting to you, too!


  9. I have plenty of UFO's hiding in boxes around here. Love your hearts and star.
    Have a great week.
    Von #3

  10. Ooooh I have loads of those types of projects too I call the UFO's Unfinished Objects. LOL Keep at it and keep the pile small that is my theory. Thanks for sharing your desk.

    Eliza #19


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