Wednesday, 9 May 2012


It has occurred to me that this should be temporarily (we hope!) renamed 'Wet Wednesday' ... will this rain ever end!!!  We have had a few tantalising glimpses of sunshine only for it to be snatched away again and replaced with rain ... rain ... rain ... !  For those of you non-UK woyww-ers, you must by now have realised how much we English luuuurrrrrve to complain about the weather!  If it's wet ... it's too wet, if it's hot ... it's too hot etc etc etc !  Don't you just love us.... lol!

Anyway, back to the task in hand ...

Sadly, not too much going on this week.  I have had laptop and email issues so spent a very pleasant hour or so in the Apple shop with Mr Tim (very nice and not at all dim) at the Genius Bar (and they don't call it that for nothing!).  He was very patient and didn't sigh, roll his eyes or smirk at any of my daft questions and now all is well (although technically there was nothing wrong with it, all user error *cough*).

I thought I'd share with you what WAS on my desk and the finished articles so hope that's ok with everyone ...

Firstly, some sweet little signs for your garden or shed ...

And those dinky little terracotta pots that I just love to paint ... : )

So that's all from me for the moment.  I'm off to carry on playing with my 'mac' ... gotta lot of catching up to do!

Big thanks to all you WOYWW-ers for visiting and for sharing your wonderful work, all courtesy of the fab Julia at The Stamping Ground ( for getting us all together.

Have a great week and ... happy painting ...

Liz x


  1. Oooh I love your garden signs and pots, they are awesome! Sorry to hear you have been having computer problems, I do hope everything has all been fixed for you now :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #49

  2. Ok it is not just in the UK you complain about the weather I am in the New England area in the US and we have the most unpredicable weather. We spend at least the first five minutes when greeting eachother with weather grumblings. There's even a saying that is typically used to comfort (which it certainly does not) to others we say "Well it's typical New England weather. At least we get the pretty seasons and fall folliage." Now you tell me does that make you feel any better when it's raining buckets out there or the snow is up to your knees?

    Sorry about your computer problems.

    On the bright side, I love love your garden signs. Love them.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Come play on my desk!

    Belinda (#114)

  3. Loving the signs and those gorgeous little pots. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your visit too. Anne #2

  4. I agree, it is enough with the rain... love those flower pots. hope your computer is all sorted now... Happy WOYWW, Helen #9

  5. Fabulous makes Lizz - off to see if you sell them :) Di xx

  6. Glad the laptop is now well - thanks to Tim. Love those pots and the signs too - thanks for sharing - (Hazel, WOYWW #95) x

  7. your signs are so cute
    have a fab crafty woyww
    kay #28

  8. love the signs, gorgeous!! Trish #60

  9. Lovely goodies.
    The sun dared to peep out for a little moment today. I didn't say anything as I didn't want to scare it away again!
    Laura 82

  10. They are so great in the apple stores aren't they it is like they teach them politeness as well as product knowledge lol. Love the signs and the pots are cute too. Hugs, Amanda #104

  11. Fab signs and pots. Technology never comes with easy to follow instructions, I suppose it keeps those geniuses in a job! Take care and enjoy WOYWW snooping! Zo xx 73

  12. Oh my goodness!!!! Adorable, as I am a gardener. #106

  13. O my... Gorgeous creations... Love, Love, Love them... Hugs May x x x#31

  14. Love, love, love the cute! I hope you have sunshine soon so you can go out and play! Happy WOYWW #159

  15. I just love your little pots - fabulous!

  16. I'm getting around late this week...but better late than never!?!?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the garden signs!!!! They are AMAZING!!!! The little flower pots are so cute too! I used to paint those a long time ago...I should really get back to it one of these days!

    I know what you mean about the wet weather! I live in Seattle, which I hear is really close to the same weather and temps as parts of the U.K. We just had an absolutley gorgeous weekend though...sun and everything!! There's hope for you too!!! Haha!

    Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

    Amy E. #3


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