Friday, 13 September 2013

29 Faces ... still catching up !!

I'm not doing very well so far on the '29 Faces' challenge!  I'm catching up slowly, so here's No's 5, 6, 7 and 8 ... and with a bit of luck I may be up-to-date by the time Day 29 comes along ... ;)

I really like the plain face against the bold colour here
Really bold colour here which is unusual for me, quite pleased with the outcome though
Not keen on the hair here ... I may need to collage over it !
I really like the colours here and how the size and position of the face works with the  background

I'm still working with the Dylusions Inks and Stabilo All pencils, but experimenting with different backgrounds and trying some bolder more colourful approaches.  It's funny that sometimes I'm not sure about the background but once I've drawn a face over it, it seems better somehow....

Thanks so much to those who have visited and left lovely comments, it means a lot to me.

Until next time ...

Liz x


  1. I love your use of the spray inks. Wonderful backgrounds. And your faces are sweet too!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm in a 'inky' phase right now ... :) Lx

  2. All your faces are lovely. I'm still in the timid stage, not up to experimenting with bright background or colors yet. Thanks for the examples of what can be done with them.

    1. The great thing about using bright backgrounds is that it can help to 'disguise' any bits of your drawing that you're not so keen on ... and I usually have lots of those!! Be brave and go for it! Thanks for your visit :) Lx

  3. Your faces look wonderful on the brightly colored backgrounds!


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