Monday, 18 November 2013

Off the Radar ...

Hi All

I'm afraid to say that I've been 'missing in action' for a while as unfortunately my non-arty life has been busy and distracted me from my artiness!!!  The major impact has been some long overdue painting (sadly the decorating kind...) which required me to sacrifice my studio space ... *deep sigh*. Well the job is done (almost) and the studio is getting back to normal if you can ever call it that!  The good news is that I temporarily managed to squat in the study in a small corner of my hubby's desk and have gradually been moving myself  No more hopping from dining room to studio and back again ... all my papers in one place and near the printers, bookshelves etc.  It sounds like a minor thing but it will make things soooo much easier :)  We do have to have a line down the middle of the desk though or there will be trouble ..... haha.

So now that I'm back 'online' what have I been doing...?

I went to a fabulous 'Junk Journal' workshop with Kate Crane at The Artistic Stamper yesterday, which was great fun!  Jennie looked after us so well and spoilt us with a fabulous lunch and cake.  Kate is such a lovely teacher and is so generous with her time and skills.  I learned so much and even though I didn't finish my journal during the class, I'm feeling hugely inspired.   For some reason my mojo didn't make the journey with me to Faversham, and I was feeling a bit out of sorts :(  I've had a busy few weeks so I was probably feeling a bit tired and run-down which was really frustrating as I had been waiting for this class for ages.  I didn't let it deter me though and decided that I would just potter during the class and soak up the atmosphere and Kate's advice and bring it all home with me for another day.  Sometimes in class we can put ourselves under so much pressure to finish our project pieces that we can get stressed by it all and not enjoy the process so much.  Has anyone ever felt like that?  I know I have, which is why I try not to put myself under too much pressure on the day.  These classes, whilst hugely enjoyable, can be extremely tiring and especially when long journeys are involved too.  I'm now looking forward to setting some time aside to work through the rest of my journal ... :).  I also had a lovely chat with Kate about 21 Secrets, which I had signed up for this year.  Unfortunately, time is running out to finish all the lessons but I'm determined to work through as many as I can before the end of December!!  Look out for 21 Secrets 2014 ... I may have to sign up for that one too..... ;)

I think I'll leave my other adventures for another day ... I'm off to Harrogate this weekend to demonstrate at the North of England Woodworkers & Power Tools show so shall look forward to sharing this with you next week.

Until then .... happy painting

Liz x

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