Monday, 1 July 2013

Never Give Up...

...that's my motto for the day!

It wasn't the greatest start of the week; feeling sad about my poorly Buster (although he's doing ok in the grand scheme of things), feeling guilty about how I'm going to encourage my teenage son off the sofa/xbox/laptop for 9 weeks of school holidays, overwhelmed with amount of housework that I need to do, frustrated with my pony who wouldn't co-operate when I rode him this morning and the pressure of an upcoming competition .... the list goes on, but the real killer was the 100+ calls I placed to Personal Impressions around 9ish this morning to try and book a place on the Tim Holtz UK Event!  Unfortunately to no avail as the line was constantly engaged :(  *big sigh*

Whilst I made myself a consoling sandwich and cup of tea, I thought 'what the hell, one more phone call won't hurt, the places are probably booked solid but you never know ....'  The phone was answered and I GOT A PLACE ...... WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm sooooo excited!!  Can you tell....?

So, the motto for the day is 'Never Give Up' :)

*doing a little happy dance right now*

Until next time ...

Liz x


  1. Huge congrats Liz.....might see you there x x

    1. That's great! Are you am or pm? x


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