Friday, 19 July 2013

Feeling the love ....

Lately, it seems to be all about the hearts!  I must confess that I love them (haha), and I'm always drawn to artwork that includes them.  I even have lots hanging around the house ... wooden ones, fabric ones, basket ones, ceramic ones ... even rusty ones!  My hubby hasn't commented so hopefully they've not taken over too much (yet).

So, I thought I'd share with you some examples of 'heart-work' that I've been working on lately.  Some of the canvases had been a work-in-progess for ages and suddenly I got in the zone and that was that!  Funny how it goes that way sometimes....

Collaged with Tim Holtz tissue paper and painted with Jo Sonja's acrylics.  Lots of stamping and more collage elements,  and had a fab time with oil pastels at the end.

This canvas had been around for ages and I had only prepped the background in dark red.  I suddenly got the urge to go mad with the vibrant orange and yellow and here is the result.  Again, I had a blast with the oil pastels at the end ;)

This canvas was started as a demo piece during a class and then sat around for ages without any purpose ... sad eh?  I went at it with the paints and oil pastels ... great fun!  Although now I'm wondering if it needs a little bit more ..... hmm?

So, there it is ... my hearts on my sleeve ... so to speak.  Hope you like them and don't forget that you can always pick up and revitalise that old UFO (unfinished object), it doesn't have to be finished in one sitting.  Sometimes when you get stuck with something, it's always good to put it to one side and come back to it later ... even if it's much later!

Have a great week and happy painting ...

Liz x


  1. I love these! You asked about the last picture. The other hearts seem so 'full' while this heart seems 'empty'. Maybe that's the way it is suppose to be. But I love the color choices on all of them. So very talented! Creative Blessings! Kelly #105

  2. Love your 'heartwork' artwork, these are really lovely. Happy belated WOYWW

  3. Love your hearts but I must admit to not using them on cards much

    Jan S 156

  4. Wonderful - these are really great and I love the backgrounds :-)

    IKE x


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