Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Ola amigos ...

Yes, you've guessed it, I'm just back from a fabulous trip to Cancun where the sun shone (remember that big yellow thing in the sky???) and the pina coladas flowed .... ahhh bliss!  Sadly it meant that I missed last week so a big thank you to everyone who visited me the week before and apologies for not getting around more of you, I'm afraid I was rather knee-deep in packing... ; )

So, no excuses this week!  Unfortunately, there's not a lot going on ..... the studio is looking somewhat like a bombsite ... even more than usual!  The reason for this ....? Firstly, I've not been around so everything has been dumped and left in the rush before my hols, and secondly I have just closed my unit at the Hertfordshire Craft Collective so all the remaining stock has also been dumped in my studio! Sadly, after 18 months I decided that retail was not really me and I was trying to do too many things at once (phew!) so something had to go!  I want to concentrate on my own style and developing new techniques and skills, rather than just painting stuff that I think people may want to buy!  I think a major spring clean is required with just a tad decluttering!  That's a scary thought cos I hate getting rid of stuff!

Anyway, here is the pic of my studio (from a different angle than usual) ....

... the table on the right is the one I use for classes and seats 4 people.  It still has the Big Shot on it from my last class, but notice the restocks of Percy Pigs... yay!!!!!  The table on the left is the one I use as a desk of sorts with paints and bits and pieces to hand.  The box underneath is a toybox waiting to be finished for a friend of mine and the 'hairdressers trolley' is one I use during classes with all the paints and mediums so I can wheel them around.  I'm also lucky to have a small kitchen and toilet through the doorway.

Anyway, enough about the mess for now!  I really must get in there ....... but this week I'm a bit busy with 'mummy jobs' ie dentist appointments, haircuts, vet visits, school stuff shopping .... etc before Toby goes back to school on Monday.  Oh and I nearly forgot ... I have a class on Saturday too!


Until next time and hopefully in a tidier state ....

Liz xx

ps don't forget to visit Julia at Stamping Ground for more blog-hopping fun!


  1. Sorry I can't help with the tidy up...........
    So sad when you close a business, we did it in 2012. We have kept all the happy memories and laugh about the rest!
    Enjoy the day and hope your 'mummy' things go ok.
    Bishopsmate #65

  2. Glad to hear you had a great time away. It is always hard to walk away from some things but you have to go with what feels right. I will send the cleaning fairies round for you to help get life back on track
    Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #40

  3. good luck with the mummy jobs - it's hard to get back into the swing when youve had a great time away, so be gentle with yourself :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    i overslept, so no. 21 this week!

  4. What a fantastic studio!
    Karen #61

  5. Oh My goodness, I'm sooo jealous!! Not only have you a fab crafty room you've seen the sun too!!! HAPpyWOyWW!!

    I think!

  6. I loved the visit to your studio via WOYWW thanks for sharing looks like an awesome place to create.

  7. I love your studio! I still have a tiny shop I run with my mother in the summer time. It's not terribly busy because we live on a tiny island, and we are out of the way, but it means I can bring all my stuff up there and work, and I have a lot more room than at home.

    It's hard closing a business, I had my shop on our main street once, but the rent was so high. We only get tourists for about six weeks per year because we are so far down east, but the rent is astronomical, and you couldn't make enough money to pay the rent during the rest of the year. It's sad, now our whole main street is artists from away who close down and move south as soon as the weather starts to get colder. They own the buildings and have lots of money, and the rest of us locals are scattered around the island in whatever buildings we can find. That's the way it is all over the coast of Maine now.

    I would love to someday have a heated building with enough room to have classes! Right now my house looks like your studio, with boxes of stuff from the shop stored until it's warm enough to open up again!

    I love your wardrobe with the trees from a few weeks ago, it's gorgeous!

    Happy WOYWW, Kathi #109

  8. You should have showed us your tan! LOL
    Don't get me started in retail!
    Thanks for visiting and welcoming me to your place.
    Blessings,Robyn 99

  9. A holiday in Cancun! Sounds LOVELY!!! I'm saying WOW to your awesome craft room! Hope you get it all settled soon and get back to your art.
    Anna #123

  10. Oh, we are so alike! I was just reading back on some of your other WOYWW posts and I, too, never tidy unless I am procrastinating! You should see how clean my house gets when I have a major paper due! lol And then the chaos it looks like when I don't have anything due...well, that's just how my desk looked this week, huh? :) And I, too, hate getting rid of things and I, too, decided retail was not for me. But what is a person to do with all the stuff they create?! I mean, I can only wear so much jewelry at once and so can my friends/family and how many cards sent to the same people qualify a person as some sort of snail mail stalker??? And I couldn't possibly stop creating, right? *Shudders at the thought* :) Oh, and I have been to Cancun! I was rather young, Senior grad trip, and there were more than a few Pina Coloda's involved in the your memories are probably better than mine, but hey, I do remember the water was gorgeous and the sun was bright! ;) Alrighty, I came over to say thanks for visiting my desk and so, without further ado, thanks! :) Have a great WOYWW~Deeyll #139

  11. Loved the chance to see in your lovely large room it's just fab!!!
    Until the cost of rates come down for shops there will be lots if empty shops as small retailers don't stand a chance !!!
    Jackie 13

  12. You seem really organised for classes especially with the hairdressers trolly, what a great idea - thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  13. Love your studio, you have more space than me am a tad jealous lol......your product trolley is fab too. Have a great week. Dawn #124

  14. Thanks for stopping by. Your room is amazing! Well done for taking a very hard decision. If it isn't you, and you are only having the time to make things others will like....well, you never discover what IS you, do you? if you see what I mean....
    Have a good week - and I always reckon that the dust will still be there at a later date. Forget the last time I hoovered!
    Margaret (glitterandglue #89)

  15. I hope you find things better now that you have made the decision and can get back to enjoying painting for you!

  16. Hi
    I sound like you really needed to slow down a bit well done I am sure it is the right decision... why spend your time making stuff that you dont like for other people... crazy... be true to your creative self.... sounds very profound , sorry.#thanks for sharing and have agood week
    janet #33

  17. It’s a big decision to finish up a business like that but if it takes all the fun out of your crafting then I think it’s the right one. I’ve gone through something similar just lately, although I didn’t have premises, finishing Sue’s Krafty Kards after ten years, but mine was just working from home, selling cards to friends and family and doing wedding stationery. It was becoming a chore rather than a pleasurable hobby so the decision had to be made.

    E enjoy having the time to do what ‘you’ want to do and may be find a little time to do that spring clean!
    Thanks for stopping by this week and
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 39

  18. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your lovely supportive comments. I'm off to the studio now to find the real 'me' ... I might be some time lol! Liz xx

  19. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and that now this week was to be very busy! Hope your class today is going well (has gone well, as I type this it's late afternoon your time.) Your space is very inviting. Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #101

  20. G'day Liz
    I'm running late but thanks for stopping by my desk. My guest has arrived early and is staying in my art room so no WOYWW for me next week....I shall go thru withdrawals I know!!! Its the first time I have come to your studio and OMG can I come and live in there LOL. I only have a very small room and then only half of that room at that. If you do spring clean and need to toss some stuff I'm only a post box away LOL. Have a great week end
    Annette In Oz #83

  21. Okay so the studio is definitely big enough for two of us to live I there! :) we'll be good guests honest, we won't leave the room. Finally getting do my woyww snooping. WOYWWer #3. Nan G


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